How to Write a Legal Services Proposal

Law firms are consistently searching for new clients. If you’re an advocate practicing ancestors law, you may be able to abound your applicant account by sending out simple brochures advertisement your casework or by networking at amusing events.

But if you wish to acreage advantageous affairs with companies–providing accumulated counsel, outsourced services, negotiating contracts, and administration application issues, you’ll charge to address a added all-embracing angle answer what your close can do.

You are apparently acclimatized to autograph acknowledged briefs or contracts, not business proposals to bazaar your services. But autograph a business angle is not the “hard sell” you are apparently imagining. That’s because a acceptable angle should never be all about you. Instead, it’s about your clients, about what they charge and want. So the actual aboriginal footfall is to put yourself in the position of the admiral at the aggregation you wish to plan with, and bethink these are your angle readers.

There is a audible adjustment to a acceptable proposal. It starts with an introduction, again moves to a area that describes the client’s needs and requirements, progresses into a description of the casework you will accommodate to accommodated those needs and requirements, and again finally, explains why you are the a lot of accurate alignment to accommodate those services.

Let’s plan through those sections in order. Alpha with a Cover Letter answer who you are and why you’re sending this angle appropriate now, and accouterment all your acquaintance information. A Cover Letter should aswell cover a “call to action,” which is a account of what you would like the angle clairvoyant to do next–come in for a meeting, assurance a contract, go to your website, and so forth.

Then, you charge a Title Page for your proposal, something like “Legal Casework Proposed by JPK Law Close for XRQ Corporation.” Next, if you end up with a actual continued or circuitous proposal, you may wish to appear aback and admit an Executive Summary (a page with the a lot of important credibility you wish to make) and a Table of Contents actuality afterwards you’re done autograph the aboriginal draft. Otherwise, that concludes the addition section.

The next area is the one that is a lot of acutely all about the abeyant client. Here, you’ll call the client’s needs and desires and altercate any requirements or limitations that you are acquainted of. If the applicant aggregation has accomplished acknowledged problems in the past, call those in this section. Pages in this area will accept titles like Needs Assessment, Background, History, Known Issues, Aggregation History, Requirements, Problems, and so forth. Your aim in this area is to appearance that you accept the needs and goals of your abeyant client.

The acknowledged industry generates astronomic amounts of paperwork (both cardboard and digital) which in abounding cases has laws and regulations that charge to be addressed. A acknowledged casework angle may aswell charge to outline Records Management issues and services.

After you’ve declared the botheration (the charge for acknowledged services, or conceivably the charge to change acknowledged account providers), you will call your band-aid to that botheration in the next section. Actuality you will accommodate data about the Casework Offered by your firm, conceivably data about your Personnel who will accommodate those services, and a Amount Summary about how abundant those casework will cost. Be abiding to cover all the affair pages you charge to thoroughly explain what you adduce to do for your client.

Then, in the final section, it’s time to allocution about why you are the best acknowledged close to accommodate the casework you accept described. Actuality you should cover pages that call your Aggregation History or Personnel, your Training or Credentials, added Audience Served, any Awards or Achievements you accept earned, and any Testimonials that you accept calm from annoyed clients. Your ambition in this area is to argue the clairvoyant that you can be trusted to accomplish all the promises you fabricated in the antecedent section.

That’s the basics of autograph a angle for acknowledged services. Of course, you still charge to adapt the angle to accomplish abiding the diction is perfect, and accomplish abiding it looks nice, too–potential audience may adjudicator the superior of your approaching plan based on the superior of your proposal.

Most attorneys are acclimatized to application a array of specialized articles to do analysis and billing. You ability like to apperceive there’s are specialized kits for autograph business proposals, too: alleged angle kits. A acceptable angle kit will appear with hundreds of able-bodied advised and formatted affair pages and will cover sample proposals, too. The affair pages in a kit are templates with instructions and examples of the blazon of advice that would about go on that page, so you don’t accept to sit staring at a bare computer awning and apprehensive what should appear next. If you wish to get a jump alpha on angle writing, alpha with a angle kit.